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Welcome to Hardware for Artificial Intelligence Group!

In the last decade, AI has achieved great breakthroughs and has transformed a number of industries, e.g., robotics, self-driving cars, healthcare, etc. Our goal is to explore new paradigms for AI and intelligent computing from the perspective of hardware. Specifically, we are exploring the hardware acceleration of AI algorithms, e.g., neural networks, based on digital logic, FPGAs, resistive RAM (RRAM), silicon photonic components, etc.  Recent papers

Open Positions

  • We are actively looking for self-motivated PhD candidates who are interested in the topic of developing efficient hardware platforms for AI. 
  • We also welcome highly motivated master and bachelor students at TU Darmstadt to explore research with us. We offer RA/Hiwi jobs for students.
  • TU Darmstadt offers various Postdoc Career Programmes to support postdocs. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply.
  • Self-funded visiting students/scholars are welcome to apply.
  • Application Guidelines: please send your detailed application, consisting of a cover letter in which you describe your interest in research in the specified field and your strengths, a curriculum vitae, copies of bachelor and master transcripts, copies of certificates and references by email to: grace.zhang@tu-darmstadt.de, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Li Zhang.